A Mattress On The Floor May Not Be An Option For Children With Special Needs

Many children who have special needs, sleep on a mattress on the floor. Often times, professionals even recommend a mattress on the floor. However, for children with medical or safety needs, a mattress on the floor may not be an appropriate option.

Ambulatory children who have poor sleep and do not have the cognizance to stay on a mattress, are at risk for injuries from falls, wandering, PICA, climbing and elopement.

Children with medical issues; who require boundaries, head elevation / positioning, assistance with transfers and access for care, may be at severe risk for injuries. If attached to medical equipment, injuries often occur when the child rolls off the mattress and disconnects. Head elevation and positioning needs cannot be met or maintained for respiratory support or comfort. Transfers are difficult from the floor and caregivers must lift the child up off the floor.

The floor may have a higher level of dirt and allergens, may be drafty and is closer to spiders or even scorpions (for families who reside in the southwest.