Epilepsy And KayserBetten Beds

KayserBetten beds offer features that are desirable for children who have epilepsy.

Enclosed rails and tall rails offer boundaries to protect children from falling out of bed during and after a seizure. For the ambulatory child, the tall rails also prevent the child from leaving the bed during the night and seizing outside the safety of the bed.

Open rails allow for air flow to prevent overheating for children who have febrile seizures or difficulty regulating their body temperature. Open rails also allow the caregiver to monitor the child since they can easily see and hear them due to the superior design of the bed rails.

Head elevation & articulation offers positioning for children at risk for vomiting and aspiration.

Padding is available to protect the child during seizure activity or from injuries due to drop seizures.

Height adjustment allows access for crisis care and administration of rescue medications at an ergonomic height.