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The Hannah 170cm Bed

Superior Stability, Comfort, and Protection.

Similar in design to the Hannah 135, the Hannah 170 bed offers extreme stability for ambulatory or active patients who require boundaries. The Hannah 170 provides an environment that's safe - protecting them from harming themselves. This bed is available with options to meet medical, physical, and behavioral needs.

Hannah 170 Specifications

170 1

- Solid natural beech wood - sealed for disinfecting
- Special door locking system
- Low threshold for independent entering and exiting
- Wooden rods allow for air flow
- Four outward opening doors on one side
- Available in manual, semi electric and full electric
- No gap between the mattress and sides of the bed
- Mattress included

Technical Details

170 3

- Weight capacity 330 pounds
- 18.5” threshold
- Extra-long twin mattress
- Safety rail height: 67 " (from the mattress up)
- Inside dimensions: 79" X 39.5"
- Outside Dimensions: 84.75" X 43.75"
- Overall Height: 86 "

Sleep Platforms

Fixed Wooden Platform

Creates a solid base under the mattress for the active user.

Wooden Platform with Hinge

KR14 - Fixed height with manual (lift and latch) head and foot elevation

Sleep Platform 1 Sleep Platform 2

Semi-electric Platform

KR15 - Electric height adjustment from 18.5" to 34" and manual (lift and latch) head and food elevation

Full Electric Platform

KR5 - Electric height adjustment from 18.5" to 34" and electric articulation of head and under the knees (non-stock item).

Sleep Platform 3 Sleep Platform 4

Mattress Options

Standard Mattress with
water resistant cover.

Mattress with durable cover for sensory behaviors.

1 Mattress 2 Mattress

Mattress with solid insert, that does not bend.

3 Mattress

Padding Options


- Standard padding is 2/3 high
- Full padding
- Non-stock
- Item color: sand.

Plexiglas over the rods

Padding Plexiglass Over Rods

Climb Out Protection - Nylona

- Grid of nylon ropes knotted at each intersection
- Pulled tight and embedded in a wooden frame
- Secured across the top of the bed with screws.

Climb Out Protection - Wood

Nylon Climb Out ProtectionNylon Climb Out Protection 2 Wood Climb Out Protection 2Wood Climb Out Protection

**Hannah beds are available in natural wood or with colored accents. Additional rail heights available as a non-stock item.

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