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The Right Equipment Can Make All The Difference

Children often have multiple diagnoses and medical conditions that require numerous solutions. When searching for an enclosed bed, do not settle for equipment that will not meet all of your needs. When patients receive appropriate equipment, matched to meet all of their needs, it can make a great difference in their care, comfort and medical condition.

KayserBetten beds offer a wide variety of features and options to meet all of your child’s needs.

The Ida bed is our medical bed and accommodates the non-ambulatory patient. Unique features provide for; medical machines, positioning needs, patient access, transfers, monitoring and care.

The Hannah bed is our tall rail bed and accommodates the ambulatory or mobile patient. Unique features offer safety and allow independence. The Hannah offers options to meet medical needs and sensory needs as well.

Our Exceptional Needs Specialist, Ruth Ann is available to discuss your child’s needs and assist you with product selection. Call today! 1-800-574-7880 ext. 308

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