How to make a special needs bed really appropriate for your child

Learning through movement

The perception of depth, proprioception, of the children is stimulated when children can move around sufficiently in their bed. This is essential for the development of the brain and the facilitation of the nerve endings. But this is precisely where children with special needs face certain problems.

A child can usually judge his own motor skills pretty well from the toddler age onward, which means that usually there are no accidents when they jump around in the bed – the child does not fall out and does not get entangled in the rails.

A child care bed is always something special. In case of children with special needs, not only the motor skills may be restricted but spastic attacks and seizures make it impossible for the children to make specific movements. This increases the risk of injury.

Therefore it is necessary for a child care bed to meet these special requirements. For this purpose, the side rails of the bed should be available in different heights and models (rails or Plexiglas panels) to meet the individual needs and capabilities of the child.   The question of safety is always important for child care beds.   The medical products act governs the design according to the standard.  The manufacturer‘s commitment is needed to ensure good stability and operational reliability during daily use over many years.    Trying to save money, for example, while calculating the dimensions of the wood is definitely the wrong approach.

To ensure that your child does not have to cope with allergies, natural materials should always be preferred over synthetic products in production as far as possible. Solid beech wood, coated with sweat and saliva-resistant paints, feels very soft and corresponds to the physiological sensation of our children. Smoothly-finished rods can help your child‘s efforts to grip and walk. This little excursion into the world of children shows quite clearly that: one cannot simply classify a bed as a place to sleep. It is much more a place for fantasies where you feel secure.

A child care bed, on the other hand, is something quite unique. Its design and fittings should ensure that it functions reliably, so the child‘s special needs is compensated as much as possible and the daily work of the nurse becomes considerably easier. Motorised height adjustable sleeping platforms with different functions and the matching mattresses are therefore a must in every child care bed.