Angelman Syndrome Special Needs Bed

Is Your Child Still In A Crib?

Is your child too big for a crib but still requires an enclosed rail? KayserBetten Hannah Beds are your perfect solution for safe, comfortable beds for children who require added security. Most children transition easily from the crib to a Hannah bed due to the similarities in design. If your child is pulling to stand, ambulatory or climbing, but does not have the cognizance to be safe in the crib, Hannah may be the right choice.

Plus, Hannah Beds are designed to give your child the independence he or she deserves. Independence is important for children with special needs, and all KayserBetten Hannah Beds offer a low 18.5” threshold to allow for safe transfers.

  • Hannah offers an 18.5” threshold for independent entering and exiting
  • A safety rail height of 53” to protect from falls and injuries
  • A stable design to withstand bouncing or jumping
  • Wooden rods to allow the child to see out and offers good airflow