‌A Secure Safe Environment For Special Needs

The Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders compares sleep disturbance in children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders …read more

A parent’s main concern is for their child to be in a secure safe environment. An environment that also gives a child the opportunity to experience their surroundings.

Influenced by safety KayserBetten is helping families care for their loved one with special needs by offering a secure safe environment for their child with Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

A special needs bed may be suitable for children with specific neurodevelopmental disorder symptoms. Ask your doctor if a special needs bed is something that could help keep your child SECURE and SAFE.

Hannah 135 series is designed as a tall rail bed and built extremely stable. The Hannah offers boundaries for those who are ambulatory or mobile with no cognizance of danger and need a safe environment to help prevent falls from the bed and a low threshold for independent entering and exiting. Available with options to meet medical, physical, behavioral and safety needs. Our Hannah bed series offers the highest safety rails available.
With your choice of 53” or 67” measured from the mattress up, there is no need to add an extension or topper, for additional safety rail height.

IDA I Bed is a full electrically adjustable bed both in height and the 4-section sleeping platform. Suitable for non-ambulatory patients, who are unable to pull up or tall kneel. Ideal for in home nursing care, Ida accommodates caregivers at an ergonomic height. Ida offers dynamic positioning and a low threshold. The safety rail stays consistent when adjusted in height. The Ida bed offers a 13.5” threshold for assisted transfers by wheelchair, stand pivot or for total lift transfers.

The safety rails are designed with wooden rods that allow the patient to look out of the bed and be more aware of their surroundings. Our safety rail design also allows airflow and circulation to prevent overheating and creates a light airy atmosphere while inside the bed.

Caregivers appreciate

  • The ability to monitor the child without opening the doors.
  • The child is in a secure safe environment.
  • Our unique easy open doors gives quick access to attend to your child’s needs.
  • The doors open on vertical hinges and offers complete access to the bed and patient. The doors also swing out of the way to create a barrier free area for transfers, bedding changes, medical care and cleaning.
  • The bed design is compatible with medical machines and allows medical lines to run through the bed.

Independence is important for children who have special needs. KayserBetten beds offer a low threshold for independent or assisted transfers. A low threshold allows children to sit on the edge of the bed to receive therapy. The bed design, allows the mattress to sit above the frame.