TJ testimonialJT received his bed a few weeks ago and we want to let you know how amazing it is. JT loves it and we know he is much more comfortable at night!

Thanks for your help in making this possible for us!


I wanted to share that while my son was in the hospital last week, our Hannah bed was delivered and installed by your wonderful technicians. It was an awesome surprise for him to come home to! He absolutely loves the bed and is sleeping better at night. It is safe and comfortable, and is large enough to fit him forever. He’s now standing up a lot, and falling a lot, so this is a perfect place for him to practice. This is a huge improvement for his quality of life, as he has been sleeping in the pack-and-play since October.

Thank you so much for helping us to get this bed for him and for installing the bed. We really appreciate everyone who has helped us make this happen. It’s beautiful and perfect for my special son.

Thank you,

Testimonial Picture NR Family Testimonial Picture NR Family

I wanted to thank you again for all of your help! Our son’s Ida 1 bed was delivered yesterday and we all love it! It was so amazing to be able to safely snuggle with my son in his new bed last night! Thank you so much for helping us through his process! I have attached some pictures from yesterday when the bed arrived.

The “L” Family

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We love our Hannah 135 for our 6 year old daughter. The doors are secure and easy to operate.


We are very happy with our bed and have recommended it to many people.


Our daughter loves her bed. She gets her own space (no more sleeping with a parent which also means she can sit up or lie down when she wants). She is comfortable and safe, this makes everyone happy.


This bed gave us our daughter back. She was hospital bound due to medical need and psych issues. This bed allowed her to come home safely. Not only is it highly functional, it is also a beautiful bed. We get many compliments on it, but more importantly, we get the peace of mind we need for caring for our child at home. We can’t imagine life without this bed.


We absolutely love our KayserBetten bed!! It has made our lives so much easier!! We are so blessed to have this type of bed for our son! Thank you!


This bed has greatly improved all of our lives. Thank you!!

E. Family

The Hannah bed has been a lifesaver for my child and my family. I can go to sleep knowing that he is safe and he loves his bed just as much. This bed has my highest recommendation and the customer service of the company is second to none! Thanks for this product!


Dear KayserBetten US,

The Hannah bed that we purchased last year for our daughter to use at home is a God sent for us. We are so thankful that this product exists and are very happy with the quality of it.

F.S. Ontario Canada

Ruth Ann,

Thank you so much for all of your help with this process. When I first spoke with you, I was crying tears of frustration. Now I smile and have tears of joy. You are an angel on earth. The Sidney family loves you.

Dear Ruth Ann,

Jay’s new KayserBetten bed was installed and our family life has taken a turn for the better. We no longer have to worry if our son is roaming the halls at 3 am or falling out of bed and breaking his collar bone in the middle of the night. Now my husband and I finally get some much needed rest and we can also feel assured that our son is safe.

The KayserBetten bed is a quality product. There are no odd joints, rough spots, gaps or flimsy materials. The manufacturer has not cut any corners in the production of the bed. The safety features are constructed well and easy to use. The bed will be a snap to clean too.

I would like to thank you and your staff for helping us. We never could have done it without you. This bed has changed our lifestyle, for the better. Thank you so much.

Jill K. Pennsylvania

Dear Ruth Ann,

This thank you is long over due. Seven years ago you helped us obtain an Ida bed for our daughter, it has been absolutely fantastic and we love it. Thank you for your help all those years ago – it has made an incredible difference in our daughter’s life.

M.S. Illinois

Dear KayserBetten US,

We love our KayserBetten Ida bed! It has dramatically changed our daughter’s sleep for the better and helped all of our backs, now that we have a safe place to conduct caregiving tasks.

S.P. Pennsylvania

Ruth Ann,bella

Our sweet Bella loves her Ida bed, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ruth Ann,

I just want to say a BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been amazing to work with and for all your help. This is a gift that this little girl will be getting this bed. I’m so excited you really made this happen so thankful. All i can say is God is good and this is great.

Thank You Dawn


As Jonathan’s Early Intervention physical therapist, I thought that it might be helpful to provide a summary of what Jonathan is able to do now that he has the “Ida Bed”.

Jonathan is a 31-month-old little boy who has been receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy to help him reach his developmental potential in spite of his diagnosis of Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy.

Four months ago, he required maximum support to maintain head and trunk control in sitting. Before having this bed he could roll from his back to his tummy and to rock on his hands and knees with his head down (due to weakness of neck muscles). Shortly after receiving the Ida Bed on January 24th, he began making gains in strength and postural control and has been practicing the transitional movement for moving from lying down to sitting up by utilizing the Plexiglas walls for support! This includes the fact that he is now using his neck extensor muscles to life his head off of his chest. This bed is providing him with a safe area to practice his transitional movements. Although he still gets opportunities to play on soft foam tiles on the floor, he seems to be making more gains in his new bed. He used to need the support of 2 adults holding his trunk and knees for Jonathan to accept the standing position, but now he will participate in standing with trunk support only of one adult for about l-2 minutes, when held looking over the sides of the bed.

He continues to need the medical support of a ventilator and of G-tube feedings, but when he has time off from the connections to these tubes, he is discovering the joy of movement.

Thank you again for your help in providing this equipment to provide a safety and developmental opportunity for Jonathan. Please let his insurance know how much he is benefiting from this bed.

Gratefully, Jonaira – Mother / Barbara – PT

The KayserBetten Bed has been an amazing blessing to our family. Our son, Blake has a lot medical issues such as respitory, epilepsy, weighs almost 50 pounds and does not sit or stand on his own without assistance. Before the KayserBetten bed we had an infant crib and we were limited on how we could elevate the head of the bed. Lifting Blake in and out of the crib was beginning to become a challenge. We had to do all therapy sessions on the floor. Now we have the ability to elevate Blake’s head and feet to position him just right for his respitory needs. I no longer have to worry about his arms getting caught in the rails of the bed when he has a seizure. Because the bed lowers so close to the floor we are able to use it for therapy sessions and a changing station when it is raised to its maximum height. I sleep so much better at night knowing how safe my son is in the KayserBetten bed. The bed is worth every penny and the staff at Mobility Unlimited, Inc were instrumental in helping us to get the bed through our insurance. We thank them for all their hard work. I know this bed will last a long time and give my son the comfort he needs.

Thank you,


Columbia, MO

We just received a KayserBetten Secure Sleep System for my 5 year old son who has severe brain injury. It has been a Godsend for us. He loves the bed and it gives him a safe secure place to sleep. It raises for his head and feet for help with positioning and if he has a cold I can lift his head up for better breathing. If he cries, I can climb in the bed with him and calm him down or just lift his back up and pat his back. I could not do these things when he had a crib. We used to change and dress him on the floor, now we can use his bed and not hurt our backs. He is safe when he has a seizure. My 16 year old brother who is very knowledgeable about motors and engines was very impressed with the mechanics of the bed. It is very high quality bed and very beautiful. It is more impressive in person than in the pictures. This should last my son his whole childhood and possibly his lifetime. We are amazed.

Mobility Unlimited technicians delivered it to our home. They set the bed up and showed us how it works. It was such a miracle for us. They were all so caring and helpful. This would not have happened without the help of the people of Mobility Unlimited. I am forever grateful. One of my son’s major needs are now taken care of and it gives us such peace of mind.



A very long overdue THANKYOU.

I can’t express how much my son LOVES his new bed. It makes his quality of life so much better. He loves to play in his bed and sleeps wonderfully. You are such a God sent to our family in making my son’s life so much better. Please thank the delivery men and the makers of the bed. I am so grateful that the men in Germany had a vision and made dreams come true for the special needs children and adults. The care givers also have been touched by this bed. My nurses and husband and I have enjoyed using the Ida bed for our son. It has saved our backs.


Susan .

Hi! My name is Sam.

I have an awesome, most comfortable, safe and cool bed in the world!! My mom and the nurses who help take care of me say this bed makes taking care of me a lot easier. The bed can be raised up to a level high enough so no one has to bend down low to take care of me and hurt their backs. The really cool part is; when it is time for me to go to sleep, the bed can electronically be lowered close to the floor which makes it safer for me! The sides of the bed are cool too! They are made of some rails and plexiglass, so I can be safe, but I don’t feel like I’m “caged” up and I can see everything around me. The mattress is so comfortable so I sleep a lot better than I used to. Everyone is happy about that! Oh, by the way, my new bed is a KayserBetten Secure Sleep System’s bed. It is an Ida bed. Without the help and diligence of Ruth Ann Hess and Mobility Unlimited, Inc. my life and sleep satisfaction definitely wouldn’t be as awesome as it is now! My mom and me and my whole “family” say thank you so much!

P.S. Mom helped me write this.

She is my voice.

Ruth Ann,

I just wanted to write you to tell you and the staff at Mobility Unlimited thank you so much for Evan’s bed! This has by far been the best experience I’ve had in regards to getting equipment for Evan. From beginning to end you made this experience easy and stress free! Even the men who delivered and set up the bed were kind and helpful. I will definitely recommend this bed to all special needs families I know. The bed is beautiful, well made and most importantly safe. Evan loved the bed from the first night, I think because he feels safe and secure. Thank you!!


Dear Ruth Ann,

My son received his KayserBetten Hannah bed, just in time because he was close to catapulting out of his crib. He didn’t like it the first night, but after that he was fine. Most days he loves climbing in and loves the space. The bed is made beautifully and sturdy and I hope for it to last forever! I appreciate all of your help and work on getting this bed, I really appreciate you.


Dear Ruth Ann,

Your guys did a good job, I am impressed with the bed and set up. I will recommend you to other families I know.


Ruth Ann,

My daughter has the Hannah bed and it is a God sent. She used to have brain cancer and has epilepsy. She is all over the place and can hurt herself. This bed has protected her so she can sleep sound. Also Ruth Ann and the KayserBetten team put the customer first and won’t hesitate in fixing any issue.