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When Is It Time For An Enclosed Bed?

Hannah 135 secure sleep systemIt may be time for an enclosed bed, if you have an ambulatory child with special needs, you have exhausted your options and your child is still not safe. Certainly, the least restrictive environment is always best, however if your child is still at risk for falls, injuries or elopements and you have tried it all, consider an enclosed bed. Timing is critical and the risk for injury may be high while exploring less invasive strategies. Parents usually know immediately if an environmental modification or protector will work. Other times, modifications work for a while and then suddenly – overnight the option can no longer be considered.

Parents typically explore a variety of options first. These options may include; a crib, play pen, baby gates, co-sleeping, mattress on the floor, monitors, alarms, parent sleeping in the same room, physical restraints, locks on the doors and windows, child tracker, medication, sedation, removing contents from the bedroom, bells attached to the door and parents taking turns staying awake throughout the night.

If you believe it is time for an enclosed bed to keep your child safe call, we are here to help you.